Sorry about lack of activity on my tumblr. I have been very busy preparing for this.

Don’t know how I feel about placing him smack dab in the middle of the frame!

Dreaming of the beach!

It’s so cold here in Indiana that I am allowed to dream about the beach!

York Minster (York 2012)

I lingered a little at this spot and got yelled at by the security…I can understand. The passage can barely fit a skinny dude like me and there was quite the foot traffic that day trying to get to the top of the tower.

And here is the Louvre print that I received from kenkofoto. Love it!



A surprise submission from arrived in the mail last week. PK saw my Postcodeorange postings and sent this lovely postcard to the address in one of the photos.

Thanks for sending it! Now all I need is your return address so I can send one of mine. That’s the deal, after all.

To the others waiting on their prints, I just sent the print order, so I will mail this week! Promise!

Some of you will get a print from Paris…

and so it goes…..